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    I am so grateful that I Read this book.
    It has opened my eyes and most important my heart to realize that our Creator has put in us the ability to love .
    With this love It can only produce fruits of kindness ,faithfulness ,endurance and so much more attributes that will lead to a successful joyous life together with your soulmate.


    GREAT BOOK – My husband and I both read the book. The authors have been married for 55 years and they share their secrets for a successful marriage. The book is filled with many inspiring anecdotes and words of wisdom. Compromise and respect are part of their ‘five pillars of marriage’, which are part of the foundation you need to build a successful marriage.
    Whether you have been married many years, newly married or just dating, this book is a must read. We loved it!


    This book was chock full of great thoughts, inspirational quotes and stories and provides easy to implement ideas in establishing a successful, long lasting and fun relationship. My personal favorite chapter was Bekiso, Bekoso Beka’aso. Those three Biblical words describe human behavior to assist in understanding the person with whom you are in relationship. It reminds me of when the fairy godmother waved her magic wand at Cinderella and said “Bippity Boppidy Boo”. Try reading this book, and you too will have magical results!

  4. bonnie b.

    I am no longer in a romantic relationship. However, I found this book to be inspirational and hopeful how a beautiful loving relationship can work. You can tell that the authors have a lot of respect for each other and their love shines through the book. They give a step by step guide on how their 55 year marriage works and how yours can too if you follow their path. They, as do I have tremendous faith in God. It is beautifully put together with lovely pictures and is an easy thought provoking read. I would highly recommend this book for new couples or long term marriages. This book is a blessing.


    This little book is a true gem. Reading Esther and Mordecai’s book is a real joy. The examples and guidelines to enhance one’s marriage and relationships with your significant other are not only doable but critical. This book is more than a manual…it is a formula for successful living and a formula for a successful marriage.

  6. Benny Fresco

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent, real-world advice from an inspirational couple!
    Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2020

    What an incredible book, filled with wisdom and inspiration…something we all need right now! Thank you for this treasured gem!!!

  7. Susan


    This book is a must read for every one that wishes to have a successful relationship with their partners.
    It is very concise and it touches upon every aspect of life’s challenges. I highly recommend it.

  8. Rae

    Easy to Read And Very Powerful Words of wisdoms Not Only for Couples But For all Relationships

    I Just finished reading this very easy- to-read book and was very inspired. The book is filled with very powerful and valuable pointers that may be applied to obtain a very successful and extraordinary relationship. While reading the book I found that it not only provides invaluable guidance to couples but that those same pointers may be applied to any relationship because it teaches us that if we treat others with Tender Loving Care, compassion and kindness we can create a wonderful bond with everyone in our inner circles.
    Kudos to the writers for conveying such powerful and valuable message.

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TLC for Couples

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Relationships take time to cultivate, and the road is sometimes long and rocky. However, that need not be the case. Acclaimed authors of the book What Makes Our Life a Success?, Mordechai and Esther Fintz, now offer comprehensive relationship strategies and techniques to couples in new, existing, and long-term relationships. Through their faith in God, their fifty-five years of happy, successful married life serves as their guide as they continuously face their challenges and delight in every phase of their lives. The authors’ approach enables them to challenge their readers to engage in self-reflection, faith, and persistence as they advance through life as a couple.

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