A Marriage Made In Heaven, the parallel universes of Heaven and Earth come together to orchestrate the greatest love of all time. Esther and Mordechai, two eternal souls who encounter each other in Heaven, are destined to reunite on Earth to fulfill their earthly mission—first as individuals and then as a couple.

The enchanting tale takes the reader on a fascinating journey filled with romance, intrigue, and life lessons based on the authors’ experiences leading up to and for the duration of their timeless love. Along the way, they encounter obstacles, disappointments, and joys—the building blocks of a full, noble life—always keeping in mind that faith in God, even in the face of enormous trial and tribulation, is their compass.

As you travel from Heaven to Earth and back again via the Earth Cam (a giant computer-like device), you will laugh, cry, be inspired, and feel that you are part of that world—all of us are—if we only BELIEVE.